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Welcome screen for Its a Date

Our platform combines 2 different “online” teaching tools to create an integrated classroom. Lessons are scheduled using the LiveSchool LMS (based on Moodle) which holds all of the resources and homework activities for the lesson and linked to the LiveSchool video sessions where learners can interact with the teacher and complete their learning.

Many of the popular dating apps attract people with decidedly unromantic intentions. Shocking and uncomfortable bios and pick-up lines, blunt propositions, racy is pretty clear when the other user has no skin in the game. Even when you find someone attractive and pleasant to talk to, there always remains the question: What is their end goal? Just a chat buddy or an actual romantic partner?

Introducing with Zoom

User Research and Idea Generation

Our staff was comprised entirely of people within our target demographic- young professionals [20-34] living in or near Washington D.C. We used big-name dating apps for years and felt like there was something missing. A majority of our ideas came directly as responses to our own qualms with existing apps. Our own social circles aided early ideation and user research, and made our eventual user testing sessions self-sustaining in terms of participant recruiting.

Collage of Its a Date screens


Live Video Sessions: Live classes and group discussions allow all learners to access subject specialist tutors.

Clear Full Duplex Audio: Integrated Audio systems within LiveSchool allows learners and teacher to interact even when using lower bandwidths (slow internet connection).

Text Chat & Session Notes: Instant messaging / text chat is integrated into LiveSchool for communication between learners and teachers along with the audio.

Shared Interactive Whiteboards: Within LiveSchool, multiple shared whiteboards allows teachers (and learners) to type text, launch images and slides.

Share PowerPoint, Files & Images: LiveSchool teachers can share PowerPoint, PDF, DOC, XLS, TXT and other common document types. Use markup and annotation over slides and pages. Launch files and broadcast images synchronously, just like in a physical classroom.

Screen Sharing & Remote Control: Teachers can pass control of the whiteboard to an individual learner, which enhances learning allowing teachers to ask learners to complete activities in front of the whole class.

Group Rooms for Individual Collaboration: LiveSchool allows learners to all join the same classroom. However, there are times when a teacher needs to work with a learner 1 to 1 or in smaller groups. LiveSchool Group Rooms enable teachers to split the class into smaller groups so that your students collaborate and practice individually.

Session Recording and Playback: All sessions are recorded for both quality control and revision. LiveSchool continually monitor lessons, all of which are available to learners to revisit at anytime.

The Landing Page

No matter where you are. The space is always on your device. fully responsive design.

It's a Date landing page

Administrative Portal

This made for Academy, College, School, University, Courses Hub, LMS and Training Center. and we offer the best Online Learning experience ever.

The admin portal was the place for our team to chat directly with users of the site, create new dates, and send push notifications. This was 100% integrated into the application and gave us fine grained control over how we interacted with users.

It's a Date admin portal


For all apps, we implement three levels of testing:

  1. Programmatic testing: This involved taking the business rules established and writing tests in the code to make sure there were no errors. Errors like users getting matched up to the wrong gender or someone's message going to the wrong recipient. This made it crucial to make sure things worked as expected, especially on the backend. On top of tests writing for the logic of the application, we wrote the entire backend in Typescript to help us harden the code against any potential defects.
  2. UI Testing: All of the team members assisted in running through the app and scanning for potential defects in our Staging environment before deploying new code to Production.
  3. Focus Group Testing: Immediately after launch, we offered It's a Date to a user testing group of 20 participants. Users were instructed to move through the main event flow with specific aid only offered when requested. Points of approval, disapproval, and suggestion were all noted by category, then ranked by their urgency for continued development.


After flow improvements and other design tweaks were implemented, It's a Date was ready for submission to incubators, accelerators, and other funding sources.